What does my job status mean?

If you want to view your job status, click on Job Posting (in My Recruitment Center)

  1. Approved: Your job is online now and job seekers can view it on Vungtaujobs.com
  2. Waiting Approval: Your job has been posted successfully but not approved online.
  3. Incomplete: Your job has been posted but not complete.
  4. Modified Pending Approval: After you have modified the information of your existing job (except for employer information), it will be saved in this section and pending approval by Web Admin of vungtaujobs in several minutes. After your job is approved, it will be online again on vungtaujobs.com.
  5. Inactive: You choose this status when you decide not to display the existing job thus your Jobseeker can not view.
  6. Expired: Your job's validity for being online has been over.